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Weekly net rotation, Net Guidelines, and types of nets.

D3 Weekly net moving back to the 145.110 Repeater effective 27 October 2021

With the restoration of the West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association (WCOARA) 145.110/224.160 system to it’s fully coordinated power and historical coverage of District 3, there has been ongoing work with the WCOARA and the Miamisburg Wireless Association (MWA) with regard to changing the District 3 Wednesday night net from the 146.820 repeater to the 145.110 repeater.

We will be transitioning to the WC8OH 145.110 (-)/224.160 (-) repeater with a PL of 67.0Hz effective with the Wednesday October 27th Net. We will be utilizing the 145.110 repeater on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesday’s of each month.

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month we will be using the WA8PLZ 146.820 (-) repeater with a PL of 77.0 Hz. as our alternate backup repeater.

We would like to Thank the West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association and the Miamisburg Wireless Association for their support of this plan. Details of this plan will be posted on the MVARBB and the District 3 web site. Additional details will be forthcoming.

Greene County ARES net Change

Beginning Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Greene County ARES (GCARES) Voice Net and Digital Training Net will move to the GCARES 440 repeater every fourth Tuesday of each month.

The nets will remain on the GCARES 2m repeater all other Tuesdays. This will allow us to train and test on the 440 repeater so that it is ready in an emergency.

Be sure to add the GCARES 440 repeater to your radios. (442.7250+ no tone)

John Westerkamp/W8LRJ
Greene County AEC for Administration

DMR Nets

The Greene County DMR net meets every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on :

444.8750(+), Color Code 13 N8NQH East repeater.                                                         
444.4375(+), Color Code 11 N8NQH West repeater.

Talk Group 310557 Timeslot 2                                                                         

For more information see                

This net is for the discussion of DMR in general and training in DMR net operation. This net is open to all amateurs. You do not need to be a member of any local or national organization or live in Greene County to participate.

There is a general Ohio DMR net on Monday’s at 8:30PM on Talkgroup 3139.

There is also a list of DMR nets statewide on the Ohio ARES site (several are ARES nets)  and a map of Ohio DMR repeaters.

New District 3 ARES Net Manager Appointed

I am pleased to announce the appointment of John Massie, WX8JDM, as the new Net Manager (NM) for the West Central Ohio District 3 ARES Weekly Net, effective today 15 March 2019.  John serves in the regular rotation of Net Control Operators (NCO) and spent a number of hour as one of the several NCO’s during the District 3 Snow Net Saturday/ Sunday 19/20 January.

I also want to recognize and express thanks and appreciation to retiring co-Net Managers Keith Burnette, KB8GYB, and Randy Allen, KAØAZS, for their respective many years of service to and support of the D3 Weekly Net.  They have expressed desire to be replaced for some time now and we finally are able to accomplish that for them.

The current Net procedures and guidelines will be maintained for the present time but the D3 EC’s and I are considering future changes to make the weekly net more interesting, efficient and effective.  I welcome and encourage Net Control Operators, Net participants and ARES personnel within the nine District 3 counties to email me any ideas and suggestions you may have for accomplishing these goals.  We also need your regular participation in the weekly Net as often as you can make it!

A “purpose and mission statement” for the D3 ARES Weekly Net and a “Position Description for D3 ARES Net Manager” will be published/distributed soon and also posted on the D3 ARES website—which Randy will continue to maintain as webmaster.

My “door” always is open so don’t hesitate to email me any time with any questions, idea and suggestions.  Thank you for your continuing participation in and support for West Central Ohio District 3 ARES.


Fred Stone W8LLY

District Emergency Coordinator

West Central Ohio District 3 ARES