Resource Net

Resource Net

This is a formal Net to support actual or exercise ARES operations in the District 3 Area.  The District ARES net will be a RESOURCES net supporting Tactical nets in the District.  The primary purpose of this net is identify resources in the District and to organize the flow of relief personnel and equipment to the on-scene ARES EC or other amateur response team.  This is NOT a Tactical net.  Tactical nets will be held on frequencies or repeaters in the immediate area of the operation. Tactical operations will take place on this net only as a last resort, and only until other arrangements can be made to set up a local net at the operations site.A Resource Net will be activated at the direction of the DEC, or an EC or AEC.

1.  The net will follow Formal net procedures at all times (Directed Net).

2.  Net Control will take check-ins to establish a list of operators available to assist, or will be able to assist after a certain time. Stations are to check in with Callsign and County, and any other information requested by Net Control.

3.  Net Control will appoint liaison stations for each supported Tactical net.  These stations should be able to monitor both the Tactical net and the Resource net, and will be the single point of contact for the Tactical net for requests to the Resource net.  Examples of supported Tactical nets could be: County ARES nets, American Red Cross,  and the DARA Communications Van.  In addition, Net Control will appoint liaison stations with with other non-tactical nets such as the  National Traffic System, and the State EMA as needed.

4.  Net Control will take resource requests from the liaison stations and poll those operators checked in to the Resource net to try to fulfill them.  Operators able to respond as requested by the Tactical nets (timeliness, equipment needed, etc.) will be directed to either report to a designated location, or to contact the Tactical net, as determined by the Net Control of the Tactical net.

5.  While the primary purpose of this net is get resources to the operations area, the Net Control will attempt to keep net participants informed on the status of the operation.  Any information requests will be passed to liaison stations. Liaison stations will attempt to pass answers back to the net by either monitoring the Tactical net, or by passing the request to the Tactical Net Control ON A NOT TO INTERFERE BASIS.  This will help keep non-essential traffic on the Tactical net to a minimum.