District 3 ARES Net Repeaters

The West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Service net is currently held on the Miamisburg Wireless Association’s 146.820 (-) MHz (77.0 Hz Tone) WA8PLZ repeater system

The alternate ARES net repeater is the West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association 145.110 (-) MHz WC8OH repeater system.  Some of the receive sites for this system use a 67.0 Hz PL tone. This system is also linked to a 224.160 MHz (-) repeater system.

If the 145.110 is not available, the designated backup repeater is the Montgomery County ARES 146.640 MHz (-) (123.0 Hz Tone) K8MCA repeater system.

If Dayton SKYWARN is active and the 146.640 is in use, the net will be moved as determined by the DEC or NM  and Net Control operators.

As a final option, listen on 145.11 simplex for any announcements as to where the net has moved.