New DEC: Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ


Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ, has been appointed as the District Emergency Coordinator for Ohio ARES District 3.

Elizabeth has been the Greene County EC since September of 2020.






Her predecessor, Don Parker, KB8PSL, Who assumed the DEC position in February 2020, resigned his position for personal reasons.  He will continue working as the Dayton SKYWARN co-Coordinator and as an AEC for Montgomery County ARES.

Bob Baker, N8ADO has been nominated as the new Greene County EC.

2023 Ohio ARES NVIS Day 22 April 10AM-4PM ET

It’s coming! Ohio NVIS Day 2023 will be held Saturday April 22, from 10AM until 4PM EDT.

The purpose of NVIS day is to construct and try various antenna ideas, all working as NVIS (Near Vertical
Incident Skywave) antennas. These antennas are low to the ground and provide coverage generally
within a 400 mile radius- extremely important for regional HF communications in an emergency.

Take a big step forward and build upon the concept to answer the question, “How would we actually use
these antennas?”

For 2023, we have added a couple operating scenarios that will make your day more fun and be a
learning event for actual disaster communications. We propose a commercial power blackout, with the
need to communicate within your ARES district and to ‘The Sarge” at the Ohio EOC in Columbus.

Full details here