2021 Great Central United States Shakeout

Back in July, Michael, N8QHV introduced us to the 2021 Great Central United States Shakeout.  It will take place this Thrusday.


Promotional graphic for ShakeOut advertising International ShakeOut Day on October 21 and link


He has forwarded an e-mail providing information, training and resources on Earthquake safety, whether or not you participate in the drill.

The EMCOMM Training Organization (ETO)  is also participating using their Winlink Thursday drill this week to practice using the Did You Feel It (DYFI)  template located in Winlink. Simply follow the instructions on the Winlink Thursday page to send an exercise DYFI message to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Winlink Training

Greene and Montgomery County ARES have been providing Winlink training over the past year during their weekly Digital Training Nets.

Those training sessions have been posted individually on the District 3 ARES website and are now consolidated into a single PDF document that is available for download.

The original training sessions were provided as ICS-213 messages transmitted over VHF frequencies using FLDIGI modes, usually MT63-2KL.  This meant that the information was limited to text only.  The PDF document incorporates screen prints and links to additional information.

Please feel free to distribute this information to anyone interested in learning about Winlink.