Power Poles

Anderson Power Poles

The Standard 12 Volt DC Power Connector for Ohio District 3 ARES


More and more ARES, RACES, Search And Rescue (SAR), APRS and other emergency communication groups across the country are adopting the 30 amp Anderson Powerpole (APP) as their recommended standard connector.

The formerly recommended 2-pin Molex connector is considered inadequate for today’s VHF/UHF transceivers with higher output power.  Thus, instead of using different connectors for various current loads, one small, compact, 30 amp Powerpole will handle all common needs including 100 watt HF transceivers.  The connectors can be soldered or crimped.

Information on installing APPs is located on a lot of places on the web, including the ARRL website.

Locally, they are available at R&L Electronics.

Other supply sources are:

West Mountain Radio not only sells power poles, but has a nifty series of power distribution boxes called the Rig Runner.

MFJ is now selling Power Poles and power distribution boxes using APP connectors.

Powerwerx has a variety of APP accessories such as chassis mountspre-made adaptors/jumpers, as well as a list of organizations using the APP as a standard connector.

Quicksilver Radio has Power Poles, as well as an assortment of pre-fabricated jumpers and adapters.

Designs are available for home brewed power pole based power distribution boxes.  See details at: http://www.qsl.net/wd4bis/connect.htm Note: The man who developed these, Gerry, WD4BIS, stated the following in an e-mail: “…for the single sided board the max current is about 15 amps, Double sided board about 30 amps max,  you can about double that numbers if you leave a good solder path connector to connector.

NOTE:  We have adopted  the same POLARITY STANDARD as seen in  the above web pages.  That is, when viewed from the contact side  (opposite the wiring side) with tongue down and hood up, the RED  is on the LEFT and the BLACK is on the RIGHT.  This is the same  polarity standard that the majority of groups use.  The red and black plastic housings slide together with molded-in dovetails. (See picture Below)



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