Training Net

Weekly Training Net

This formal  net consists of taking check-ins, announcements from the DEC, EC’s, Net Manager and others such as SKYWARN and Public Service events. and training programs. For a detailed description, take a look at the Net Guideline .

The 2 basic purposes of this net are:

To train Net Control Operators, giving them practice in running a net and,

To train and familiarize area amateurs in net procedures.

Net Control Operators are ARES members who have volunteered to run the net on assigned evenings. They each take a turn in rotation.

If you are interested in becoming a Net Control Operator, contact one of the Net Managers, who are listed above.  You do not have to join the rotation to take a turn as Net Control.  If you want to try it once before committing to the rotation, or wish to be an alternate, the Net Manager will try to accommodate you.