2021 Great Central United States Shakeout

Back in July, Michael, N8QHV introduced us to the 2021 Great Central United States Shakeout.  It will take place this Thrusday.


Promotional graphic for ShakeOut advertising International ShakeOut Day on October 21 and link ShakeOut.org.


He has forwarded an e-mail providing information, training and resources on Earthquake safety, whether or not you participate in the drill.

The EMCOMM Training Organization (ETO)  is also participating using their Winlink Thursday drill this week to practice using the Did You Feel It (DYFI)  template located in Winlink. Simply follow the instructions on the Winlink Thursday page to send an exercise DYFI message to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Don Chelman, KB8LWL, SK

Don, KB8LWL, a Net Control Operator for the District Net for many years, became a Silent Key on Saturday, 11 September. In addition to his active participation with the West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Club, he was an also a member of the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management EMCOMM Team.  he will be sorely missed.

The following information was provided by his Son-in-Law, Mark,  KC8TZY:

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Site Update 7 September 2021

The District 3 ARES website is back online after experiencing issues associated with being transferred to a new hosting site and Domain Registrar. Unfortunately the updates means that a lot of the code used (WordPress Themes, Plug-ins and Widgets) no longer work.

So, please bear with us was we re-construct the site.

Fred Stone, W8LLY SK

Fred Stone, W8LLY, long time Greene County ARES EC, District 3 ARES EC, and a fixture of the Miami Valley amateur radio community became a Silent key on 26 July 2021.  He leaves a large gap in our community that will hard, if not impossible to fill.

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