New District 3 DMR Repeater

District 3 has a new DMR repeater on line.
  N8NQH BrandMeister DMR repeater on the west side of Dayton. Frequency 444.43750 +5 MHz, Color Code 11 Local 2 Cin-Day Cluster = Talk Group 2 and Local N8NQH/R = Talk Group 310557 are both on Repeater Slot 2.
  Talk Group 310557 should be used for all local contacts. Please use Repeater Slot 1 for all other Talk Groups and for Digital APRS-GPS.
  Greene County DMR Net every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on TG 310557 and TS 2.
  Don – KB8PSL
  District Emergency Coordinator
  West Central Ohio D-3 ARES

Greene County ARES net Change

Beginning Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Greene County ARES (GCARES) Voice Net and Digital Training Net will move to the GCARES 440 repeater every fourth Tuesday of each month.

The nets will remain on the GCARES 2m repeater all other Tuesdays. This will allow us to train and test on the 440 repeater so that it is ready in an emergency.

Be sure to add the GCARES 440 repeater to your radios. (442.7250+ no tone)

John Westerkamp/W8LRJ
Greene County AEC for Administration