Ron Moorefield, W8ILC SK

Ron was the District 3 DEC for many years

Per the DARA RF Carrier:

March 18, 2020

With all that is going on lately, it is with sadness that I must inform the club that Ron Moorefield, W8ILC, passed away earlier today. Due to the corona virus, the family has postponed the memorial services and will make an announcement later.  Please keep his family in your prayers as we get through this unusual and difficult time.

73 de K8UD
Steve Coy

Ronald L Moorefield, W8ILC, became a Silent Key on Wednesday, March 18th.

Born in 1937, “Ron was an accomplished DXer with an ARRL DXCC Mixed total of 373”.

A Dayton, Ohio resident, Ron was active in the South West Ohio DX Association (SWODXA). He was first licensed at age 13 (in 1951).

He worked for ATT Ohio Bell for some 38 years.

Ron gave back to the Amateur Radio community in many ways including working with FEMA, ARES, DARA (Hamvention), and as a QSL Manager (J6LRU, J68AM, VP2EK).

During the 1984 he was the National Ham Radio Coordinator for the Olympic Torch Relay between New York and Los Angeles.

Ron also operated from several Caribbean islands and several Central American countries.

He was also a former ARRL Great Lakes Division Assistant Director. In 2011 Ron was inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame. He had been to all Dayton Hamventions which first began in 1952. Ron was also a longtime supporter of The Daily DX. I remember many years at Hamvention talking with Ron, including last May in Xenia.


David Tritch
Communications Manager
DHS/FEMA Ohio Task Force 1