New District 3 DMR Repeater

District 3 has a new DMR repeater on line.
  N8NQH BrandMeister DMR repeater on the west side of Dayton. Frequency 444.43750 +5 MHz, Color Code 11 Local 2 Cin-Day Cluster = Talk Group 2 and Local N8NQH/R = Talk Group 310557 are both on Repeater Slot 2.
  Talk Group 310557 should be used for all local contacts. Please use Repeater Slot 1 for all other Talk Groups and for Digital APRS-GPS.
  Greene County DMR Net every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on TG 310557 and TS 2.
  Don – KB8PSL
  District Emergency Coordinator
  West Central Ohio D-3 ARES