New Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator 9 Jul 14

Hi Gang,

Just wanted to let you all know that we now have a new Section
Emergency Coordinator..

I want to introduce you to Stan Broadway, N8BHL. Stan has an extensive
background in Emergency Services and ARES. He is currently also the
Emergency Coordinator for Delaware County.

Here’s just a “short list” of what Stan has been up to over his
years of “service..” to the public

Police –
• Deputy Sheriff
• Patrol
• Jail
• Dispatch

Fire / EMS
• Volunteer firefighter, EMT/Bridged (30 years)
• Technician level Haz Mat
• Incident Command, long list of FEMA courses
• Extensive training creation and delivery (tabletop, incident, and
• Grant development
• Planning

• Certified APCO Comm Center Manager
• Technical experience developing repeater-based systems
• FCC Amateur Radio “Extra” class license (highest possible)
• Built and configured console system in the early days of the
Tornado Spotter Net at National

Weather Service, Columbus
• Over 20 years experience as police/fire dispatcher in busy Columbus
suburban departments
• Familiar with newest mobile technology in radio/RF/IT/dispatching
• Webmaster, fire and emergency sites

Disaster / Tornado
• Control Operator for 14 years, member of management team Central

Ohio Severe Weather Spotters Network (N.W.S. National Recognition)
• Developed, wrote, and presented training seminars across Ohio
• Xenia, OH Tornado outbreak (34 fatalities) established EOC and
worked on management team with

National Guard
• Later consulted with Columbus on findings and results
• Several other large-scale tornado outbreaks with damage and injury
• Blizzard of ’78 experience
• Member, Port Columbus Air Crash committee (two years)

• 18 years managing, training and budgeting computer operations and
• Extensive national awards for journalism and web applications
• Extensive planning experience (1,5 and 10 year planning)

As you can see, Stan is extremely qualified to take the reins as
Section Emergency Coordinator..

I’m very proud to have Stan join the Section Cabinet as our SEC..

Stan can be reached at:

Please welcome Stan as the new Section Emergency Coordinator for the
Ohio Section..



ARRL Ohio Section
Section Manager: Scott D Yonally, N8SY

Montgomery County ARES Digital Net

Montgomery County ARES Digital Net

This net will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, at the conclusion of the weekly voice net on 444.250 MHz, + offset, and a 123.0 Hz tone.

 Net control for both nets will be WE8R

 The mode will be MT63 2KL, centered on 1500 in the waterfall.

We will start out with just basic check ins, until we get all participating amateurs equipment and software up and running.

 Check in information will consist of the following:





If you want to make a macro in fldigi with your check in information, it should look something like this…… (Right click on one of the macro buttons to edit the information…. Don’t forget to name the macro tab and save the macro information once you are finished.)







If you have entered your information in the info in the Fldigi “Configure” “Operator” boxes, when the macro button is pressed, it should transmit the following:   (Note: this is my info)




Fldigi 3.21.81     (version of Fldigi you are using)

If anyone would like to check their equipment, or needs help with the software, let me know and I will be glad to work with you.

73, Robert WE8R

Robert Rosenfelder / WE8R

Montgomery County ARES

AEC South


With public service events filling the calendar, I wanted to focus on two very important topics.  I ask that you please read this carefully. The first point is personal safety. Your personal safety should be your top priority while volunteering. While we should be looking out for one another, it’s important to know that only you can look out for number one.  Personal safety begins with awareness.  Stay alert of your surroundings.  Trust your instincts.  Maintain a 360 degree mindset.  As you know the world is not linear so be sure to look up down and all around.While many amateur radio operators volunteer for the fun of it, it’s important to remember they are also an important asset to public service event staff and participants. We provide situational awareness by using our training, skills, and equipment.  It’s often said we are the eyes and ears of the event.  So something to keep in mind is a casual public service event can turn into a tragic incident without warning.  I reference the 2013 Boston Marathon where there were 3 fatalities and at least 264 wounded. Take a look at the Boston Marathon Terror Attack Fast Facts.

I’d like to point your attention to the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center website and read the 8 signs of terrorism.
I also encourage you to watch an 8 minute video titled Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism – The Cell.  It can be found on YouTube with over 92,000 views. 

Homeland Security begins with Hometown Security.  Check out the “If you see something, say something” campaign.

We cannot volunteer with blinders on regardless if it’s a parade, 1/2 marathon, 5K/10K run, 100 mile bicycle ride, or walk-a-thon.  Meaning, we cannot be volunteering thinking, “It won’t happen to us”.  This is called complacency.  Just last year, during the 2013 Pan Ohio Hope Ride…one of the water stops was evacuated and the cyclists rerouted because of a bomb threat.  It won’t happen to us?  It just did!I am not telling you this question whether or not to volunteer.  I am telling you this because every trained volunteer is needed.  Volunteers who use their eyes and ears, training, and equipment have the potential of saving lives.  But let me be clear, super heroes need not apply.  If you’re volunteering to get your name in the paper or be Captain America, then you’re politely asked to just stay home.

The take away from this is every volunteer is needed.  Learn the signs.  Be safe out there.
Don’t look back tomorrow and say you could’ve done more!”  From TV show Chicago Fire.
73 de Matt W8DEC
Matthew Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL – The national association for AMATEUR RADIO™

KC8NYH/WC8OH repeater linking ends

For the past 5 months, Shane, KC8NYH as been linking his 443.125+ repeater in Clark county with WC8OH 145.11- repeater system during the weekly District 3 ARES Net.

This was to help Clark county stations check into the net if they were having difficulty getting in on 2 meters.

Apparently, this is not needed as only a total  5 stations have checked in to the net through the 440 repeater during the 5 months it has been active.

Therefore, we will cease to link the repeaters during the net immediately.

Many thanks to Shane for willing to do the work of setting up the links each week and volunteering his repeater for this experiment.

Ohio ARES District 3 VHF Digital Training Net

The Ohio ARES District 3 VHF Digital Training Net meets every Sunday Evening at approximately 9:15pm (after a Miami County voice Net is secured) on The 145.23- W8FW/R Repeater (no pl) located in Troy Ohio. This Repeater has good coverage and is centrality located in Ohio ARES District 3.

The Purpose of this Net is to provide Ohio ARES District 3 participants with information and a Training ground where the use of Digital Communications can be discussed and practiced on a regular basis. All Amateurs are welcome and encouraged to participate in this Net.

52 Digital Training Nets have been conducted from November of 2012 to November of 2013 on the W8FW/R 145.23- Repeater. This includes 29 different participants from Miami, Shelby, Darke, Clark, Greene, and Montgomery counties in Ohio ARES District 3. Net participants have successfully tested and used their Digital Equipment TX/RX capabilities on VHF. Training has included sending and receiving traffic using Blank, Plain Text, NTS, CSV, and ICS Forms with FLDigi, FLMsg, and FLAmp Software. Training has included the use and practice of MT63, Olivia, PSK31, PSK500, PSK125R10, and some Easy Pal MFSK Viedo Picture Modes. Thanks to Tom WB8LDW for spearheading this Net, Gary WB8ROL for assistance and Technical expertise, and all of the operators listed below who have participated.

WB8PMG    47      55/66
WB8LDW    46      24/71
WB8ROL    46      22/77
WA8APB    30      8/71
KD8RLB    23      7/37
KC8WHK    23      7/58
N2OJD      19      3/33
KF8MZ      18      0/24
AE8I      17      1/34
N8NQH      16      4/22
KA8OCG    15      3/39
NB8D      14      1/23
AC8JZ      12      1/17
KB8EMD    12      1/17
N8NSD      10      1/20
KG6NFJ    10      0/18
N8YD      06      1/14
N8DCP      06      2/8
KD8GKJ    05      0/8
KE8RG      03      0/1
KA8RVI    03      0/10
KD3SQ      01      0/0
WA4RQG/8  01      0/0
AC8KX      01      0/1
W8DGN      01      0/4
KD8VLN    01      0/0
KB8TVN    01      0/3
WD8OQX    01      0/1
KD8ADH    01      0/0

David E. Robinson
ARRL Emergency Coordinator
Miami County ARES Ohio District 3

New Darke County EC

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Yantis KD8KIR, of Gordon, OH to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Darke County in District 3.  Jeffrey is taking over for Bob Rhoades KC8WHK who has recently been appointed as DEC for District 3.

Matthew Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL – The national association for AMATEUR RADIO™

New District 3 DEC : Bob Rhoades, KC8WHK

It is with great pleasure to announce the appointment of Robert (Bob) Rhoades KC8WHK, of Piqua, OH, to the position of District Emergency Coordinator for District 3.  District 3 includes Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Shelby Counties.

Bob has an extensive background in the fire service as well as education and training in the fire service.  He’s also the Darke County Emergency Coordinator and will remain as EC until such time Bob finds his successor.

Bob is taking the reigns from Alan Stone KB8RPO who is retiring and moving out of state.  I thank Alan for his years of service and wish him the best of luck on his new adventure.  Please join me in congratulating Bob on his new appointment by sending him an email to


Matthew Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL – The National Association for Amateur Radio™

Weekly Net Training Programs

Mike, N8QHV has volunteered to provide short training programs during the weekly District 3 Net.

Summaries of the programs will be posted under the Net Information menu under Training.

So if you miss the net, you can still catch up on the latest training items.


Local Nets

Every Sunday evening at 9pm Local The Miami County ARES-RACES Emergency Services Net is held on the W8FW/R 145.23- Repeater. Unless there is interference, the Repeater is NO PL, but if there is interference a PL of 100hz may be used.

Immediately following The Voice Net, a Digital Net is held on the same frequency. Digital Mode (starting out) is MT63 2000hz, Long (64bit) Interleave with a center waterfall frequency of 1500hz.

Every Thursday evening at 8pm local time The Piqua ARC Net is held on The 147.21+ W8SWS/R. This Repeater recently changed to a 67hz PL due to interference.