Public Service Events

Several Public Service Events have been added to the calendar:

SW OH Cross Country Meet 22 October 22

Mideast Challenge Cross Country 19 November 22

Turkey Trot 5 Miler 24 November 22

Resolution Run 31 December 22

Click on the links for more details on each event

See the full list of Public Service Events on the calendar on the Events Page

Public service events are the best training we can get outside of a real emergency:

It’s an opportunity to test your equipment to make sure it works, that you remember how to use it’s features, or even if you can find it all!

You can build a shopping list of equipment you need to replace, or of neat stuff you saw in use by fellow hams

It’s also an opportunity to brush up on your operating skills, or learn some new ones.

You work with the same group of hams you would likely be working with in a real event.  You also get experience in working with public officials and members of the public.

In many ways Public Service Events are better than pre-planned exercises, as things happen that would never be written into an exercise plan as “unrealistic”.

So we encourage anyone with an interest in emergency communications (EMCOMM) to work at least 1 or 2 events a year.